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(penile prosthesis)

Penile implant: Testimonial of a Tunisian patient
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What are the different types of implants?

Malleable (or semi-rigid) implants

These are silicone implants whose axis is reinforced by a material that gives it the rigidity necessary for sexual intercourse and the "memory" after manual orientation (the implant retains the shape we give it).

  • Advantages :

    Surgical intervention simpler and faster.

    Lower infectious risk.

    Easy to use: simply straighten the penis manually.

  • disadvantages :

    Always remains rigid even outside of sexual intercourse after manual lowering of the penis.

    May interfere with clothing or daily life depending on the patient's activities.

Inflatable implants with 2 compartments

The two bodies of the implant are hollow cylinders connected to a reservoir and provided with a pump. The penis is                                          flexible in flaccidity (at rest) and inflates by repeated pressures on the pump which thus fills the cylinders,                                          allowing the penis to erect. By pressing on another place of the pump or the penile implant                                          (Depending on the model), the cylinders are empty and allow a return of the penis to the flaccid state.

  • Advantages :

    Better flaccidity than the malleable implant.

    Pretty easy to use but requires learning and dexterity.

  • Disadvantages:

    Sometimes difficult to handle.

    Flaccidity less natural than with the 3-compartment implant.

    Possible leaks or pump malfunctions requiring reoperation

Linflatable implants with 3 compartments

Cylinders are placed in cavernous bodies. A pump located in the purses can inflate or deflate the penile implant. The pump is itself connected to a water tank in front of the bladder.

  • Advantages:

    The closest implant to a natural sensation, whether at resting or erect.

    Pump smaller, so less noticeable in the purses.

  • Disadvantages:

    Requires learning and some skill.

    Risk of leaks or malfunctions as with the 2-compartment implant.

What is the cost of a penile implant or penile prosthesis in Tunisia?

In Tunisia, there are two penile prosthesis firms: AMS from Boston scentific (American brand) and Zephyr (Swiss brand).

The price of the semi-rigid penile prosthesis in Tunisia of the Zephyr type is 3800 dt and that of AMS is 4000 dt.

The price of AMS two-compartment inflatable penile prosthesis in Tunisia is 8000 dt.

The price of Zephyr three-compartment inflatable penile prosthesis in Tunisia is 16,000 dt.

The price of AMS three-compartment inflatable penile prosthesis in Tunisia is 25,000 dt.